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Site Of the Moment: Hilarious Recovery Videos

hilarious recovery show- online. now. free. fun. Your hosts, BagheadSponsor and Newcomer bring you topics that matter... with a sense of humor.

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26 Methed Up
0 0

My life after meth.
27 Traditional Family Resources
0 0

We have a vast amount of educational articles, web links and other related resources to help strengthen, maintain and support traditional families.
28 Fun In Sobriety
0 0

Having fun in sobriety
29 Rat Busters Anonymous
0 0
Taking the Pain Out, and Putting Joy in Alcohol & Substance Abuse Recovery!
30 Christian Recovery
0 0
Recovery happens one day at a time and is possible when you have a close, personal, relationship with Jesus Christ !
We're a New Testament Christian 12 Step group for those who have recovery issues
31 Recovery Swag
0 0
Offbeat and whimsical takes on the slogans, promises, and the many other sayings of AA, NA, Al-Anon, etc! Buttons, Magnets, Key chains, Pocket Mirrors, Bookmarks, and more!
32 Drug Rehab Information
0 0

A comprehensive drug and alcohol recovery resource. Provides information on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, and a directory of drug rehab centers across the nation.
33 Cyber Recovery
0 0
A safe recovery site for those either in recovery or seeking recovery to receive help/support and fellowship together.
34 Sober Designer
0 0
Sober Designer for websites, headers, logos, etc. We care about our work.
35 Creating dreams, from the nightmares of hell...
0 0

an inspirational site about hopes and dreams, that come alive through sobriety
36 TwelveBeads
0 0

Prayer Beads And Recovery Jewelry
Made Exclusively For The Twelve Step Community

37 Sober Resources Networks
0 0
This is the source that you have all been waiting for something that is far more than just a Network.
38 Clean And Sober Live
2 0
Clean and sober live is dedicated to helping people that suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction come together and lead a clean and sober life. We offer free voice, video and text chartrooms.
39 satya
0 0
just c
40 Sunlight of the Spirit Music
0 0
CDs from artists in recovery, with the largest selection of 12 step and recovery music anywhere on the planet!
41 Sober Cafe Podcast
0 0

Bringing you the latest music and interviews with musicians, authors, actors, and artists in recovery.
42 Online Recovery for Alcoholism Drug Addiction
0 0

Jan Edward Williams, a licensed counselor with 29 years experience, and in long-term recovery (31 years), provides, at a reasonable price, online addictions counseling services, including same day answers to questions about drug and alcohol problems, DUI
43 Experience,Strength and Hope: Poem's of Lifes Les
0 3
Recovery links along with poems of my own alcohol recovery with explanations and open discussion.
44 Talk About Sobriety
0 0

Sobriety Book of the Month club, Sobriety books, discussion forum, myspace links and videos, interviews, conference info, and more to come
45 Sober Comments
0 0
We are a site that has all the images and comments that you can use either for recovery or everyday comments. Always free and we try to make the best available. Drop by and don't hesitate to use them :)
46 Junkies Life
0 0
The sites main purpose is to show hope to the still suffering alcoholics/addicts. To let people know the struggles, hopes, dreams, of a life of a addict
47 Early Recovery
0 0

Early Recovery is a site especially for the newcomer to sobriety. It's everything you need to get started on the journey of recovery.
48 Acquitted motorcycle club,
0 0

we are a sober and clean motorcycle club
A great place to meet other sober people.
giving us a chance to display we can live normal. and just hang out, have a coffee with a fellow rider, Be involved i
49 Sober N Clean
0 0
On-line Addiction & Alcoholism Community. We help each other with Addiction, Alcoholism, Co-Dependent Issues, Mental Health Issues, etc. We share our ESH (Experience, Strength, and Hope)! Join Us
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